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Make a Quick $50 with Capital One Banking

I know this isn't exactly a job opportunity but it's very valuable to many of my readers looking to make a few quick dollars with little to no work. CapitalOne has a new 360 checking account service (an online bank) that involves absolutely no fees to open or maintain. From my understanding, you can open your checking account for as little as a $1 deposit from your current checking or savings account. The closure of the account also is fee-free so you could technically open the account, get the free $50, and then close it or never use it again.

The account took me all of 10 minutes to set up. The $50 opening bonus will be automatically applied to your account. On top of that, you can make an additional $1000 bonus (for FREE) if you refer your friends or family (a free $20 USD for every person who signs up). That being said, if you're looking to open up a checking account or to make a fast fifty dollars in no time then please sign up with CapitalOne 360 Checking and try it out. There's no fees involved--I can verify it because I have an account already!


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