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Work at Home with Xomba

Xomba is a great website for those of you who are into creativity in writing. If you are a talented writer then you absolutely should not pass up the opportunity to write for the Xomba website. It's far from rip-off or a scam.

How Xomba Works:

On Xomba you simply create a personal account using your own choice of username. Your username is sort-of your pen name on the site so make sure you don't forget it. From there you, now referred to as a Xombie, will simply write until your heart's content. As long as the topic is family-friendly and is original, meaning not previously uploaded to another website, then Xomba will allow anything you choose to discuss, including your own website or product. Xomba sends out the link to your unique content after you submit it so that multiple search engines know there is new content available on the site. In many cases I, personally, have ranked on the first page of Google search in less than 10 minutes.
Make sure to sign up with Google Adsense when you create your Xomba account so that you can attach your personalized code to your Xomba material. (See the Xomba site for more details on how to set this up.)
Also note that Xomba is a great way to drive more traffic to your site by creating backlinks. People stumbling across Xomba might happen to see your work and following various links you supply within the writing. Take this opportunity to drive people to your site, product, e-book, or whatever you feel is helpful.
Xomba is so helpful that you can actually contact the sign owners and administrators through various links on the Xomba website, sending them personal email questions or comments at any time of the day. They really respond because they care about their users.

What the Pay is Like:

Xomba allows you to use their website for your own material by attaching Google Adsense ads to your work. Half of the time Xomba will provide the coding for your personalized Adsense account so that you can generate money when viewers click your ad. The other half of the time Xomba will show their own personalized Adsense code so that they profit as well. It's a great "fee" if you consider how much it takes to create and maintain a website of this proportion. It's already has a PageRank of 4 so it's been around for awhile.
All profits earned will be through your Google Adsense account.
Your personalized, unique content submitted to the Xomba site will remain there forever and always generate income from clickthroughs on the various ads. That's basically generating income without doing anything after you've gained frequent readers or have made it to the front page of Google search a few times.


Google Adsense is a great way to earn some money, especially if you have a lot of traffic being driven to your site. Xomba has an agreement with Google Adsense to allow the ads to be shard 50/50 between users and site. Google Adsense is reliable and you can expect to be paid when you reach the minimum account balance of $100. It really isn't as far away as you'd think either. You earn money, of varying degrees, when a user visiting your page clicks on your ads. That's it. No catches.

Sign-up and Join Xomba:

To sign-up and join the Xomba freelance writing community then simply follow this link to get started with your work at home solution. You will be signed up as my referral as soon as you create your account with Xomba. I've already began to make real money with Xomba and am more than willing to help you learn the ropes too. Once you've signed up you can send me a message about working from home with Xomba or wait for my greeting to reply to my account. After we've started contact you can ask me any questions and I will be happy to help you get started making money on the site. (Further note: No, I do not get any special bonus or money for signing you up under my account code. It just helps me to keep track of my referees easily so that we can communicate through the site and you can get helpful tips and tricks from me.)

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