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Work at Home with Key for Cash

If you've ever wanted to get paid for typing online then Key for Cash has a free opportunity for you. There aren't any upfront fees or hidden costs with getting hired on with Key for Cash. It's all about typing--something that you may do every day--and getting paid real cash for it.

How Key for Cash Works:

If you're reading this then typing is probably a fairly basic concept. Key for Cash is centered around that concept. They need people to type images, sometimes similar to captcha content or hand written material from files. Some of the content they request you provide is letters, numbers, or letters and numbers. Many Key for Cash workers have expressed the strong preference to numerals since they can actively use the number pad on the keyboard and have less time between keystrokes. Either way, an image appears on your screen and you are requested to type it as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

What the Pay is Like:

Key for Cash permits a user to key as many strokes as possible or available and get paid by check. I'm not entirely sure if a PayPal option is available at this time. So, payment options may vary.

Pay has decreased lately and many users have reported receiving $.10 - $.20 per 1000 keystrokes. While $.10/1000 keystrokes doesn't appear to be much, it is free money for simply typing characters on your keyboard for a company online.

Wait...What's the Catch?

The issue that many face with Key for Cash is that there are slow and peak times in work availability. Many users will find a great deal of more work available during the beginning to mid-year--tax season--since more Key for Cash company clients are processing handwritten documents for such purposes. Since the keying requests are split up into very quick segments there is plenty available during these peak times; however, work availability does drop off later in the year. Because of this, the registration process tends to be halted nearing the end of the year, as to allow current workers to continue to generate income.

Sign-Up and Join Key for Cash Today:

Key for Cash is free to register for, and your application is reviewed fairly timely. Once you are accepted you will receive an e-mail to confirm that you do wish to continue registering and it will lead you through the completion process. You can certainly register today to get paid for typing today through Key for Cash, or read more about it through the Key for Cash official site.

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