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Work at Home with ClickWorker

Clickworker is a fairly new job on the internet market but is worth the sign-up. They offer jobs from all around the world, especially in Russia and India, and have reasonable payouts for completed tasks. The idea behind Clickworker is that an available online job can reach thousands, if not millions, of people around the world and supply them with a steady income for regular tasks that are needed to be done online. Clickworker has already signed large contracts with companies who wish to use their services. From where it stands now, it looks like it's on it's way to success.

How Clickworker Works:

Clickworker hires you from the moment you finish your account set-up. You supply them with basic information about yourself, such as location and fluent languages, and then move on to some basic testing. There are tests for a variety of current tasks that need to be completed so the sooner you complete the tests the sooner you can get started with work assigned to you.
From there you do as you normally would for any job. You log in once a day, accept an assignment, and complete it in the time given. Assignments vary and may include translations, surveys, or creative writing tasks. My recent assignment was as follows:

"Write ### of words about this particular topic. Include these particular ideas. Here are some specific suggestions. You have 5 hours to get this work completed." Altered, of course, to only give you an idea of what is requested.

From there, I typed my ### amount of words on the certain subject and submitted it. It took me about an hour and I received great compensation for my work. My creative writing earned me a whopping $10 USD (now increased to $13 USD) for one hour of a task that was so easy my cat could have done it.
Since the task given has a large allotted amount of time you can rest assured that having a cup of coffee, taking a walk outside for a few minutes for fresh air, or having a small phone conversation mid-work isn't going to cause you to lose your income. You can literally do this anywhere, at any time. Anyway, once you finish your writing you simply hit "submit" and your account balance increases within the next couple of hours.

What the Pay is Like:

Payment is only given after your account reaches $10 or greater. Many tasks will help you to earn that much money in less than an hour of steady work though, in my experience. I cannot say how much other countries are paid out for their time and investment but I'd assume it's about the same figure. All in all, if you're a good creative writer and a decently fast typist then you have a good job just waiting for you at Clickworker. I have only completed one task so far and waiting to see how payment through PayPal will actually go so I will make sure to update this as soon as my payment is received in full. The company seems very reliable and honest though so I have very little doubt that they will "skip town" with my "dough."

Sign-up and Join Clickworker:

Clickworker hires from all around the world. Your account can be created in less than 5 minutes and the testing isn't as lengthy as you would think. Give it a shot today by clicking here to start working from home with ClickWorker. Remember, Clickworker is offered in various languages so the more you speak fluently, the better chances you have at getting assigned more high-paying tasks.

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