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Work at Home with Pinecone Research

I'm not much for survey sites, really. I have no patience to sit down and spill my shopping history to some faceless examiner just so they know if I buy a lot of dryer sheets or not during the month. PineCone Research didn't catch my eye at first until I started reading some reviews about their history, payments, and reliability to keep your information fairly confidential. To top it off, I even read that the surveys weren't too intrusive and were fairly quick and simple to fill out. Interesting, I thought.

How Pinecone Research Works:

The deal with the site is that it isn't always allowing sign-ups. It can be pretty tricky to sign-up for because they only promote their ads onto certain, unidentified sites on a random basis. This is to cut down on people signing up who have no real interest in completing the surveys. That way they know most of their users are probably active and actually do want to fill out a survey for a few bucks.
So, after you actually get to sign-up on their basic who-are-you form (name, address, number of members in the household, etc.) you simply wait. There aren't surveys to do every day or even every month sometimes. They will email you when they have a survey that fits your location and basic data you previously supplied to them. From there you simply follow the email link they provided, fill out the survey as requested, and ta-da you're finished.

What the Pay is Like:

Payments from Pinecone Research are great, as I just recently found out after finishing my very first survey online. They haven't given me the option to get credited through PayPal (which I would totally prefer because my bank isn't local) but about a week after I completed their survey about a basic shopping trip I received a nice $3 check payment. That was it. I didn't have to jump through hoops for it. From what I am aware, the $3 payment is usual for this type of survey so I'm thinking $3 for a whopping 15 minutes of my time isn't bad at all. That's, like, $12 an hour if this sort-of thing was steady!

Wait...Sign-Up Isn't Open and Surveys Aren't Steady?

Yes and no. Some locations will have sign-ups more frequently based on their clients' needs. I live in the U.S. Midwest and was able to sign-up right away when I found a link. You, unfortunately, may have to wait months before finding a link to sign-up with this research panel with. No fear, you can simply make a Google Alerts for "Pinecone Research" and somebody, somewhere will probably let the news out when it's hiring again.
The surveys, again, are only available to a select few at a time. Some months you might get 5 or more surveys. Some months you might not get a survey to complete at all. From what I've been told, you have better luck if you have a larger family and/or if you're a male applying for the panel.

Sign-Up and Join Pinecone Research:

Ok, I know what I just said about having to hunt down a link to sign up for PineCone Research but I was lucky enough to find functioning links. Right now, if you follow the link in regards to making money online by filling out surveys at Pinecone Research sign-up here you will see that they are currently open to take applicants from the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the U.K. That link is updated regularly so if you've found yourself here much later and they've closed it then you can keep an eye on that if nothing else. Hey, getting paid to do surveys isn't so bad afterall. $3 in my pocket for 15 minutes? Yeah, I'll take that.


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