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Work at Home with Fiverr

Fiverr came on the market some months ago and many consumers were wary of it. This site claims to allow you to work on small tasks for only $5 each. It doesn't sound like a lot but when you get to looking through some of the available tasks you may find yourself engulfed into becoming a seller or buyer on Fiverr yourself.

How Fiverr Works:

A free account can be set-up in just minutes. You simply then type whatever you're willing to do for $5. Some people will draw cartoon characters, some will voice-over, and others may even become your virtual secretary or aid for an small amount of time. Whatever it is, you simply write it into the supplied boxes and hit "submit" in the end. You're ready to go and millions of people will see your offer and will request the "gig" of you when it appears to suit their needs. There really isn't much more to it. You can take on as many tasks or as few as you'd like. You can work for as little as 5 minutes on something. There seems to be a buyer and seller for everything you could imagine though so keep your eyes peeled for competition on the Fiverr market. Personally, I will transcribe 15 minutes of audio for $5 on Fiverr and have done quite well with it.

What the Pay is Like:

Fiverr will pay you directly through the PayPal site. The catch is that Fiverr keeps $1 profit to cover the costs of PayPal fees, website costs, and server maintenance. This being said, you're technically only paid $4 per gig you choose. It's still $4 though and if you find your niche at it then you're all set. There are no other side fees or hidden costs to buy or sell on the Fiverr site. Once Fiverr receive payment for a gig you can insert the funds directly into your PayPal account within 14 days.

Wait...14 Days?

The 14 day limit is only so that they can ensure your customer's satisfaction and that you didn't just try to pass off Mickey Mouse as your own creation. The money is completely yours though and even if you only have $4 in your Fiverr account you will then be able to transfer it over to PayPal. The system is just set-up that way to protect you, the seller, and the buyer.

Sign-up and Join Fiverr:

There really is no reason to join Fiverr, especially since it's entirely free to post or browse. It's much like eBay in the sense that there is something for everyone as reasonable prices. Give it a shot and look through the site before filling out the account creation to get an idea of some things you might be willing to do for a small fee. The money adds up fast and you'll soon get sucked into the Fiverr world though. It is probably the funnest "work at home job" available right now. Fiverr is really a great opportunity for all work at home moms and work at home dads.

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