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Work at Home with Blogger (Blogging for Money)

There's a growing trend occurring world wide. If you haven't noticed, more and more people are flocking to internet blogs, versions of online journals in a sense, to generate a free cash flow--some of which has become the base income for many families. For many stay at home mothers and fathers it's also a wonderful hobby to pick up since it involves a constant exchange of information with a variety of cultures. The truth is, blogging takes dedication and, despite it's outward appearance on the brightly lit computer screen, it does become difficult as time progresses, but it's well-worth the stable income that is generated. This being said, blogging isn't for everyone, but it's absolutely worth a try for most.

How Blogging Works:

The first step in blogging successfully is choosing a reliable blogging site, such as Blogger, which allows third-party advertisements to be placed on the content. From there it is up to the blog owner to dive into themselves to pull out some interesting thoughts, facts, or basic ideas.

Blog sites range from free to a monthly payment option. Many people will find that starting out on a free site is ideal, since it allows a person to gain a sense of self within writing content and provides a closer insight to what others enjoy reading about on blogging networks. Many blogs, free and paid, also assist a blogger by adding their content to a search function, allowing their content to be spread and shared more conveniently.

Finally, it's fairly important to choose a subject of choice when beginning your blog. Many people write about their home lives, household tips, cooking recipes, celebrity news and gossip, becoming a better mom or dad, or even write about how to improve social skills. Blogging is all about finding your niche and letting it flourish through your fingertips for others to enjoy, appreciate, and gain from.

What the Pay is Like:

The pay is not typically something that is earned from the blog site itself. For example, some bloggers find that Google Adsense is a great way to add a way of generating income to their blog, while others may choose something such as the Amazon Associates ad network. With any method that is chosen, payment is typically generated from clicks that the audience initiates. Clicks from those advertisements to external websites. Each click is worth an amount with each different network.
For example, Google Adsense may generate $.50 for a click to an external site regarding stay at home moms, while a competitor advertising network may generate $.55. It's important to reach through your options as a blogger when it comes time to include online advertisements to your material.

Wait...What's the Catch?

As previously stated, blogging takes dedication and it's an ongoing process. While you certainly could write your content and drop off the face of the online world for a few months, you may find your revenue slowing as fresh content is not being uploaded to your blog. It's important to stay dedicated. As a personal suggestion, think of at least 20 articles or blog entries you can draft up before getting started, and give yourself a regularly set time to upload this content to your blog. Many bloggers regularly submit content once a week or once every two weeks. Having a few articles at hand will assist you in gaining a reader base as well as allowing you to have "back-up" material for when you are just stumped on what content to address or if news periods in your field have slowed.

Sign-Up and Join a Blog Today:

As you may have noticed I, as well as thousands of others online, have started my blogging career on Google's Blogger network. This is a wonderful site, as it assists me in integrating my Google Adsense content to it. If you're not HTML savvy then Blogger may be a wonderful opportunity to get started. Remember, you can always relocate your blog in the future if you find that Blogger just doesn't work for you. So, if you'd like to get started at creating your own online content to generate steady revenue then create a free blog today with Google.

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