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Work at Home with ChaCha

ChaCha is one of those sites that you might be unsure of in regards to signing up for first. I went back and fourth for a couple of months about giving them my personal information (social security number) in fear that they wouldn't keep things as confidential as I'd like. I gave it a shot recently though. I decided it was now or never, especially since I've had a family member in the hospital and now have a few thousands of dollars in medical expenses to tend to. That's alright though! ChaCha was here for me.

How ChaCha Works:

People text in a short question for ChaCha guides. Sometimes they want to know how to tie shoes or a quick homework question. Sometimes they're nothing but perverted little 14 year olds trying to get a rise out of ChaCha. Any way it is, ChaCha hires you to answer these questions. The catch here is that you don't actually type anything most of the time. All of the answers, for the most part, are already uploaded in the private database. Just read, click, and go! It helps because the answers are correct and the texter gets a speedy response in less than a minute, most of the time.
There is no limit to how many questions you choose to answer, but you will notice times the site is very slow at dishing out questions. It's user-based though so you just have to wait for them. If you get a question that you simply cannot find an answer to at all then you rewrite and reword the question and pass it along to the next level of answerers who will do some quick research.

What the Pay is Like

ChaCha pays per question you answer. Most of them are only a few cents. It really depends on what special bonus going on for that day or week. Different levels of ChaCha guides will earn more or less, depending on what their job consists of during their time spent on the site. Time really flies by though. I did over 400 questions last night in no time.

Wait...What's the Catch?

Unfortunately ChaCha has been dropping wages for awhile now. They also have a cash out minimum of $150 before it can be direct deposited into you bank account. They only pay direct deposit or through a debit card you sign-up for through ChaCha. You are also not considered to be an employee so you are held responsible for taxes at the end of the year.
Update!: ChaCha will now send payment of any amount above $1 to your personal PayPal account upon your request!

Sign-Up and Join ChaCha:

If you're into Q & A websites that will give you a little cash for helping out then ChaCha is definitely for you. Sign-up for ChaCha by clicking on this link so that you can get paid to answer questions all over the U.S. The thing I like about the whole situation is that I don't have a set work schedule so I can begin and end whenever I want and still make just as much cash. If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to help you get hired on at ChaCha then check out my fiverr posting to get hired at ChaCha quickly. Have fun and keep ChaChaing!

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