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Work at Home with TechDoctorDeals Forum

[Important Note: Please know that the time this article was written that TechDoctorDeals was a legitimate online opportunity where you were able to earn real cash fast by direct deposit into your PayPal account. Take note that this opportunity does not appear to exist any longer; however, I have chosen to keep this article active for informational purposes in case such a deal exists in the future with this company.]

I was searching to earn a few extra bucks recently because of some home situations and love to frequent other work at home blogs. I found one I rather enjoy and check on almost daily. I was surprised when the person had posted something about forum posting at a site called Tech Doctor Deals. They claimed that you could earn $10 a week with a free membership by just participating in a few discussions each week. Interesting, I thought, and gave a whirl.

How TechDoctorDeals Works:

It's as simple as signing up and making a few posts. You don't have to be a technical genius to be able to participate either. Simply make your way over to the general discussions tab and you're good to go. The $10 cash-out is once a week. You have to earn enough to make $15 to cash-out though. It's all very simple and very worth it. Clicking on the Withdrawal Cash button at the top will allow you to request payment through paypal by the end of the week. Only $10 a week for non-premium members though.

UPDATE: No sooner than I type this out and upload it does the site change it's format. Now you must purchase a month $10 membership subscription to the forum to be allowed cashout payments. Fortunately, you can cash-out multiple times a week, get referral bonuses, and much more. All of this will change over on November 1, 2010 so until then you can cash out for $10 at the end of the week with a free membership. This is where this work at home-er draws the line though. I won't be purchasing the paid membership at this time at all, but am very glad to have earned the $10 in my PayPal account last week!
If you choose not to purchase a membership you can still accumulate points for when you do choose to buy.

What the Pay is Like:

It's simple. Just under 50 points earns you $10 directly to your verified PayPal account. You earn 3 points per each forum addition you make (ie: post, reply, thread, comment, etc.). That's it. Just request payment through the handy link at the top of the screen and you're off.

Wait...I Can Only Cash Out Once a Week?:

With a free membership you can only earn $10 a week through the basic forum postings. If you dish out your own $10 a month to TDD then you can earn more than $10 a week and get added benefits. Sometimes you have to pay a little to get a little, obviously. Fortunately, it took me less than 1 full day to reach minimum payout last week.

Sign-Up and Join

To join the forum you don't need to purchase a membership right off, even now that the rules have changed (see update above). Feel free to start earning free money at by clicking this handy link. Enjoy posting and earning from all around the world!


  1. This site has changed. When I first started it was great then the rules became stricter and stricter everyday and they kept pushing us to subscribe for $10 a month. I subscribed and now they've stopped paying!!! You can no longer make any money on there without being subscribed. I worked so hard and now the site is practically dead!! BEWARE

  2. This site is a scam, you can read about how they were charging members for premium memberships and taking credit card details but stopped paying out about a week ago. They are also swift gamers who last updated their website in February. Beware of Techdoctors and swift gamers they are scammers. The members on the forum are mainly fake account of the admin to make it look like theres a real community. I would seriously advise people to avoid this site if they can help it.

  3. They didn't just stop paying last week. They made the annoucement last week about payments discontinued for free members. It isn't really effective until November 1, 2010. Free members can still cash out once a week ($10) until then. I know because I, myself, cashed out.

    They made changes so that you must purchase a $10 monthly premium account to keep earning. I would hardly call that a scam. Just because they stopped giving away $10 for practically free doesn't mean they've suddenly started scamming people.

    If you paid the membership fees then you're still getting paid--and you are allowed to cash-out multiple times a week. If you aren't paying the membership fee of $10/month then the rules won't allow you to cash out. Big deal.

    Dishing out a whopping $10 can literally allow you to earn big bucks by just participating in forum posting.

    Please, read everything completely before making silly remarks.

  4. Hmmm.. "please read everything before making silly remarks".. Maybe you're feeling silly now since what you "thought" was going on at the site changed the next day. That's how it goes at techdoctordeals. One day they are locking in 30cents per post for a full year by the next day the rules have changed. Aside from that for all those who have been paid, many have not and you are NOT ALLOWED to discuss your non payment on the forum anymore for fear of being banned. I was a premium member, I will not be returning to the Nazi like site that is techdotctordeals, I am not that desperate. They're liars and penalize you you for everything and still expect you to kiss their butts.

  5. The person who writes this blog seems a little bias so I encourage people not to be fooled by the like because the 'admin' seem to have little moles working in their favor everywhere. The site is a scam they owe people money from more than two weeks ago and have increased the monthly membership but DEcreased the amount per post and therefore DEcreasing peoples earning potential. They abuse users by speaking rudely to them on the forums and gaging them with threats of banning them if they ask for their money. I am canceling my membership before the new month rolls around since I do not use the site anymore. Your better off at mylot or something that actually pays.

  6. Hi, Anonymous (5):

    I'd just like to say that, as the original blog owner and creator here, I feel I am not biased in my review. I even went the "extra mile" to supply an additional update, including that I, personally, would not be purchasing a membership from TDD. If you feel it's biased to say, "Hey, I made money and you could, too. Unfortunately, the rules have changed and now they want me to give them a little money. I'm not biting but if you want to then, please, go right ahead," then you have some serious problems in your literacy levels.

    I understand it's frustrating when rules change and what you thought was a good "deal" ends up being something different. I completely understand and am on your side with this. I know, all too well, the feeling of being swindled.

    I dislike being told I am bias on my blog because I state my opinions and give what information I can supply. Thank you for your comment, but, please, have a little more respect for my efforts the next time you choose to access my blog. If you dislike my personal opinions then I kindly ask you to no return to my blog in the future.

    I'm not trying to con or "fool" someone into joining a spam site. I'm not even entirely sure what I would gain with doing such a thing. There is no referral code. I'm not affiliated with the above website. I state I will no longer be using the site for payments because I refuse to give them money. I get absolutely no compensation for adding my personal experiences with any company on this blog.

    I've left the comments here to publicize automatically so that everyone can freely express their opinions on my blog. Most blog owners screen comments before allowing them to display. Please, don't disrespect me because I've given you the ability to speak. Just because you don't share my opinions, didn't read my entire post, or cannot grasp the ideas behind my writing doesn't mean I'm out to con others.

    Thank you.

  7. :) You are being a little overly dramatic I think. I called you bias because of your response to another user. If you have nothing invested do not feel offended. I too am only stating my opinion of the site and do not recommend anybody waste their time with it. You open yourself up to adverse opinions when you post on the world wide web. I wouldn't take it to heart if I were you, like you said we are all in agreeance that TDD is a waste of time and not worth the membership. I would like to point out that you were at no point disrespected, the only thing I said was you seemed a little biased mainly because of how defensive you are in your responses thats all. I would hate to think what you would call it if actually was disrespectful. Anyhoo, relax and don't be so sensitive. Blogging is after-all not for the feint of heart. Best wishes :)

  8. Hi again, Anonymous:

    I'd like you take a second re-read all of the comments here. Take note of every "author" of each particular comment. The comment I replied nearing the end of this was my first and only comment on this particular posting. You are the only "anonymous" I have replied to in regards to this post. Please, read before assuming I am being judgmental or, in your words, stating a biased opinion.

    I always, always, always leave a link back to my blog when I comment, even on my own blog. Knowing that, can you see how you're jumping to conclusions in saying I left a previous comment here that was, apparently, biased? I have absolutely no idea who any "anonymous" might be here, and you probably don't either unless you have some secret hidden mind-reading powers, gifted to you by the internet Gods.

    Maybe you don't take blogging seriously but when you're up to your eyeballs in medical expenses, with a partner still in the hospital after 2 solid months of care, cannot find a steady job, don't qualify for unemployment, just resorted to welfare so you can eat, and are doing your absolute best to keep the lights on you'll understand why I'm "so sensitive" when it comes to saying I am biased and provide false information. I want to be taken seriously and looked at as an honest person so that I can actually help people "get by" like I am. Not some kid who thinks it's fun to blog about nonsense.

    Thank you, again.


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