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Work at Home with Amazon (

In this day and age everyone knows who is and that it's a great place to get exceptional deals. What is not so know is that they offer positions that lead to real, legitimate work at home opportunities. You can't really ask for a more reliable company has been in business since the site went live in 1995. So, the wonderful Jeff Bezos has managed to create a valuable work at home job for many people with his well-known company.

How Amazon Positions Work:

Just like any steady work with a company, you must apply, proceed with an interview, get hired on, and complete the training course. The application is filled out online, the interview may be in person or through the telephone, and training must be completed on-site. Training typically ranges from 2 - 6 weeks, depending on the position and time of year (holiday hire-es can expect to have a shorter training course).

There are main sectors of this work, such as Technical Account Management or Customer Service Representation. A TAM associate works with third-party sellers, while CS representatives offer assistance to customers.

In general, the job consists of a 40-hour work-week, with set schedules that are offered. They also offer week-end positions, and the Customer Service sector may allow for overnight positions in some locations.

After training has been completed associates are provided a stable work-from-home computer.

What the Pay is Like:

Pay, again, is dependent on the type of position you are hired on to manage. For example, a CS representative may earn $10-$12 per hour as a starting base, while a TAM associate may earn $12-$13 for beginning wages. As always, these numbers may fluctuate, especially during the peak seasons for shoppers. It's best to inquire about the hourly wages during your interview.

Wait...What's the Catch?:

There are three main "catches" to the positions that Amazon offers. One is that the training must be completed on-site, and there are only a few sites available, such as Grand Forks, North Dakota, Huntington, West Virginia, and Manila, Philippines.
The second catch is that, with holiday shopping quickly approaching, employees may be requested to accept some overtime hours. This has not been fully determined; however, it may be a possibility to inquire about during the interview process.
The final issue is that some locations do not permit the employee from becoming a work from home associate. For example, North Dakotan residents may transition to the work at home position as long as they remain within North Dakota; however, Minnesota residents must reside in North Dakota or another permitted state to transition to a home environment. Please inquire about your location during the interview process.

Apply to Join

To get started on filling out an application for Amazon then make sure to visit the homepage or go directly to work at home positions. You may search by location or type of position to view a complete list of what is currently available. The application is straight-forward and should be filled out completely. (If you are in need of an internal reference, contact me and you are permitted to put my name down as your referrer.)


  1. I actually finished an interview with just a few minutes ago. In regards to the "catch" about training, in the Seattle area, they only required an orientation on site which is one day and the purpose of which is to provide you with the computer equipment you will need for the job. A huge bonus if you ask me, what other company is going to provide you with all the equipment (sans landline) you need for employment from home?
    Aside from that, all of the training is done from home and lasts about 3 weeks.
    Just thought I'd share my experience :)

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  2. I am not finding where to search for this type of work on their website. Can someone help me?

  3. Would the company pay the expense to fly employees to the training sites and cover all travel expenses, hotel, car, food etc...

    1. I don't believe this is an option for the initial training; however, there are advances in the company that can be made, which could include taking positions at other Amazon locations. I'm not sure if that would be something where they would cover some expenses either though.

      Your best bet would be to apply and take it from there. If you're selected for a phone interview then you can always ask at the end if any traveling expenses would be covered if you were to accept an offer. I'm sure they've addressed the issue before.

  4. Nice article!!!Its very informative and i am sure it will help many other people like the way it helps me. Thanks for the information.


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