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Work at Home with AppenScribe

AppenScribe is a fairly new work at home opportunity hitting the internet market. It's a small company based in Australia but allows for work at home jobs all around the globe. It can be a wonderful way to use some of your transcription abilities to make a few extra dollars just relaxing at home.

How AppenScribe Works:

AppenScribe is a transcriptional position you can apply for immediately. They ask for no upfront personal data, such as your personal social security identification number, so you don't have to risk having your personal data stolen by some identity thief. You simply fill out a small form to create an account and then take a few tests based on your location and fluent languages. The more languages you can speak well, the better chance you have at getting multiple tasks at once--some with high pay rates than others. I, personally, know no other language besides English (U.S. or American English, at that) so I only applied for the English half of the tasks. I have no experience with the other tasks available in various other languages. You do not need to have previous experience in transcription.

What the Pay is Like:

Pay varies by current task they've assigned you to. The task I am assigned to at the moment only pays pennies in Australian money. Fortunately for me AU converts to U.S. currency quite easily and I know I am only being paid pennies per transcription work with the company. Sure, pennies sound absolutely dreadful but there's a very good catch to this. You are paid a few pennies per each line of transcription work you successfully complete. Shockingly, some lines are only two or three clear words that need to be transcribed. Some lines are as many as 10 or 15 words but all are quite clear, in my personal experience. It's really like free money for me since I can easily type 100WPM and have been doing quite a bit of side transcription work lately.
The company pays out through PayPal the employees every two weeks. Since I just started this job I cannot say how the payments work or if they are accurate. Once I am paid for my time I will update readers and let everyone know how it went regarding proper payment. Payment was received on time, for the correct amount, and through PayPal as promised. Excellent!
Also take note that if you transcribe more than 2,000 lines of text you qualify for a 10% raise. I can shoot out 2,000 in less than two weeks so that's something to look forward to when working with AppenScribe. much work?

AppenScribe currently has a lot of work that needs to be transcribed so they do request you work a minimum of 10 hours per week. Yes, they can fire you from the job if you're just not up to their standards but, for the most part, if you pass the testing and qualify for the work (and actually dedicate 10 hours per week to AppenScribe) then you have a steady job awaiting. So, that's at least 10 hours a week for a few pennies per line--but, the lines are extremely short in many cases.

Sign-up and Join AppenScribe:

AppenScribe is currently still offering many positions with them from all around the globe (including England, India, China, and Canada) so check out their site and take the plunge. I think the website looks like it was thrown together in ten minutes but it really is legitimate and you won't waste your time checking it out once you've created an account. Go for it and give it a shot today by checking out the work from home opportunity with AppenScribe.


  1. Thanks for this. After reading your post, I was tempted to join, so I did! Would make for good filler work. I've attempted and passed the UK and US English tests. No work available for now, but hopefully there'll be something soon. Will keep my eyes open.

    Thanks again.

    Take care...

  2. Thanks, Ebele!

    I find it odd that your AppenScribe screen doesn't allow you to work on this current job. From what I am aware, passing the English portion of the testing is the only requirement for the project position. If you don't gain access to it then you might want to contact AppenScribe through your account or via e-mail. As a matter of fact, I received two emails today about a new project they're opening to English speakers.

    Any way it is, I hope it helps you get a few more pennies in your pocket! ;) I just got paid from AppenScribe through PayPal yesterday and am pushing forward with it. I'm not sure when this particular project may end so I might as well make use of my extra time with them.

    1. Hello. I was wondering if you got a 1099 for filing your taxes with this company.

      Thank you.

  3. Ah well, not to worry. Maybe they have a way of prioritising jobs. Not a problem. Whenever I get some, I get some.

    Have a lovely September.

    Take care...

  4. What I know is passing the English test for the position. When I log in to the site and click on work available it just says, it's full. Maybe if they would just inform the applicant if there are or no assignment.

  5. I love Appenscribe! Quicktate and Appenscribe are the best!

  6. I do not know if this is the same as Appenonline which is also located in Australia, but if it is, be careful! They paid you half of what they promise tricking you with percentages of accuracy they give you without explaining what is wrong with your work. You do not have a forum or a place to complain about bad payments. Their answer: "that is how the system work". Do not work for them unless you want to get paid half of the work you do which is already paid at at low rates.

    1. Yeah, I've worked with them for a bit to try it out, and the pay was nowhere near what the percentages would lead you to believe. Plus, they can't even give a straight answer on payments which is a huge red flag for me. Appenonline and Appenscribe seem to be the same.

  7. Thanks for giving your honest opinion of this company!

  8. Hello. I was wondering if you got a 1099 for filing your taxes with this company.

  9. hello, just joined the appenscribe, pass the test and they want me to submit required documents, is it ok to do so? does anyone of you asked to submit documents?

  10. hi i joined the group did exams passed but since last year up to date i have not received any job where might i have gone wrong

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