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Work at Home with TicketPuller

TicketPuller is an interesting site where you get paid to click and type quickly. The company's objective is to purchase large quantities of popular upcoming concerts and then resell them to clients and regular folks. You have to speedy with the mouse to get the tickets in enough time before they're sold out but TicketPuller has a support chat and added features to keep you happy in your new work environment.

How TicketPuller Works:

It's as basic as it sounds. You sign in through TicketPullers already set-up accounts and purchase the tickets they tell you to purchase, in the specified quantities, at a set time and date. They will email you details of the upcoming assignment and you will log into their chat program with other users who are about to do the exact same thing you are. When the administrator gives the go-ahead you purchase the tickets from online stores like TicketMaster.

What the Pay is Like:

Payment varies based on multiple factors. You must do a good job and get the amount of tickets they request. If they sale all of the tickets then you may make more money than if they only end up selling one or two of a bunching. If the tickets are super popular and sell out quickly then your payment may increase. Most sessions will earn you between $10 and $20 and last less than one hour. There have been times that a less than 1 hour session has earned ticketpullers up to $50. Once your order is complete they will allow our account to be credited your earned money after 1 week of holding time. From there you are paid through PayPal within 48 hours.

Wait...What's the Catch?

So far I haven't found any "catch" to this system. I suppose it can be a waste of time if you relied on it solely for income since they only send you invitations for work when they need it. You must also pass a quick clicking and typing exam in the beginning to qualify. They reassure all users that this method is legally acceptable so that doesn't seem to be an issue either.

Sign-up and Join TicketPuller:

TicketPuller's sign-up method only takes a few moments to complete. You need to be completely honest so they know your time zone and what-not. Click here to sign up for TicketPuller today and begin working from home shortly after your application is received. As a last note, if you're not hired by TicketPuller for any reason they will email you and let you know that your application was rejected. There's really no reason to miss out on this great work at home opportunity to take a stab at it and sign-up today.

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