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Work at Home with oDesk

oDesk isn't your typical work at home job but it's full of real opportunities you can do at your own home in your pajamas. It's sort-of like an online temporary job service agency. An employer signs into oDesk and simply posts their work at home positions for others to apply for whenever they feel they are most qualified for said position. If you're familiar with something like rent-a-coder services then oDesk is definitely worth a look through.

How oDesk Works:

You simply sign-up and create your personal profile page of your job history and qualifications. There is even a section of the site where you can take quick tests and exams to qualify for even more positions or prove your educational background in certain subjects. When you're finished inputting all of you data you can scan through their current job listings. What originally brought me to signing up with oDesk was a position with a company who calls and greets clients every day by saying, "You are awesome!" I would have been crazy to pass that up so I went on and applied. Of course, after your application is sent in it's up to the employer to hire you on or not.

What the Pay is Like:

Pay varies by employer. When you apply for a position that is posted you will include your pay-rate or "bid" on that particular job. Some people are willing to work for $1 an hour while others are only willing to do more tasks for $10. It's entirely up to you and what you feel you time is worth doing odd jobs around the web. You can be paid through Payoneer debit card, Moneybookers, PayPal, Direct Deposit, or a Wire Transfer. The choice is yours.

Wait...What's the Catch?

There really are no fees to use oDesk aside from a a $1 transaction cost. Yes, they will be charging you $1 every time you receive payment, but it is only for basic coverage of payment transactions the site must go through to make sure you get the money you're owed on time. The other "issue" is that there are no promises that you will be hired. Some oDesk users will never get a job using the system. Others may go through hundreds.

Sign-up and Join oDesk:

oDesk is a great place to find wonderful work at home opportunities from real employers looking for real employees. Join oDesk today by clicking here and getting started making money from home. If you're really looking for legit work at home opportunities then this is a great place to get started at. Your profile only takes minutes to set-up, tests can be retaken in a short period of time, and there are over 100 current job listings in more than 30 categories. Check it out today and join me on oDesk.

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