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Work at Home with Weegy

A great new site on the internet market is called Weegy. Weegy appears to be an interactive know-it-all woman, who you can ask literally anything to and receive wonderful, well thought out answers. The truth is, people are sitting in their pajamas at home right now answering those Weegy questions that are texted in each day. In basic terms, they're getting paid to give advice online!

How Weegy Works:

If you're a fan of ChaCha, an advice-giving website where you can earn money, then Weegy is definitely something you'll love. Your account takes less than 5 minutes to create and you simply don't have to give out your personal data upfront to these Weegy strangers. That's right, they don't want your social security number, address, or phone number before you make any dough with them.
So, you set up your free account to become something called and expert. An expert Weegy member is able to generate real income by answering some basic questions during the daytime. All you have to do after you set-up your account is land on their expert-waiting page until you hear a small "ding" come from your computer. With that you know you have 15 seconds to respond to the question and earn money. Make sure to leave this particular webpage up in a separate tab or browser window since you can surf the web while waiting for an available question.

What the Pay is Like:

Weegy only pays about $.20 per each answer you supply to a user while you're in the expert mode. The more questions you answer correctly, the higher rank you can earn. With high ranking on the Weegy site comes greatly increased payments. So, for your free account and just a few seconds per question you can earn $20 in no time. $20, of course, is the amount you must reach for payout (via PayPal) every two week period. It really is as easy as that!
And, for note, there are added bonuses for referrals during certain times of the year. These bonuses fluctuate from $.50 at times to as much as $1.00 per referral. There a Catch?:

There is absolutely no hidden secrets as far as I can tell. Based on what the Weegy site says, you need to be aware that some times of the day are pretty slow, especially when students are busy at school. You should also know that Weegy does keep your responses within a "learning" database to reuse later in time. As time progresses and unique questions begin to decrease you may notice a lack of work through Weegy. Don't worry though--that shouldn't happen for quite some time, especially since many questions are renewed from the database in short periods of time to ensure correct responses.

Sign-up and Join Weegy:

Joining Weegy is as easy as eating a bowl of cereal each morning. Simply click this link to Weegy work from home and you'll be there to fill out the free application. Remember to verify your account in your email inbox and you're off to a fresh start with Weegy. Upon your first time logging in you will notice a handy list of links you should review before beginning the process--just so you know what to expect. While many of the questions are as basic as, "How are you?" and, "Is the sky blue?" you may be confronted with a task that takes a little more quick-skill to answer successfully. Make sure to read the guide before you begin and you'll be a happy camper. Try Weegy at home today.


  1. Is this "weegy" site real ? Is its a legit site ? From all of the sites I have tryed other than trying to be a guide for cha cha you have to be iffy about some sites. I have found out that people have to pay $2 for 5 minutes of conversation in order to get the advice. That doesn't seem right if it says its for free ? I would just like to get some information on this site before I put in my paypal account. Can't be to safe over the internet these days. Hope you can help me. Thank you

  2. Hi, Anonymous:

    From my personal knowledge, Weegy is very legitimate. I haven't read any tale of them "scamming" a person or taking identification for harmful purposes. On a forum I frequent, there are many people who have used, and currently use, the Weegy site for a little extra income. Now, I, obviously, cannot say for certain something like this has never happened, but, from my own personal research, I haven't read about it.

    In my experience with the site, questions aren't nearly as steady as ChaCha or KGB. For me, it is worth to put in the extra time at ChaCha, so I have pretty much abandoned Weegy as of this moment. Some people seem to really enjoy Weegy though, especially since it is more laid-back with rules and payout minimum is relatively low. I suppose the draw is that you very well can earn quite a bit of extra income as long as you remember to leave the Weegy browser window up while you surf the 'net and do your daily things. I seem to be pretty forgetful though, or accidentally close out the browser window without realizing what I've done right away.

    For note, I do have an article here on being a ChaCha guide, if you have further interest. You can find the link, titled ChaCha Work, on my side bar.

    I know you may feel $2 for 5 minutes is outrageous. I feel that way, too. The truth is, most of these sorts of question sites are used by teens who have no concept of the value of money. So, while you or I would not purchase a 5 minute conversation from a stranger while seeking very basic advice, many young folks are willing to dish out their debit and credit cards over and over again. Heck, maybe it's the same reason why people continue to dish out cold hard cash to hear a "fortune teller" over the phone (some people are totally accepting of the cost of $.99/minute, and I've never quite grasped that).

    Anyway, I hope I've answered your questions clearly. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Feel free to ask any further questions you may need addressed! :)


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