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Work at Home with Panda Research

I will be the first one to admit that I'm not so steady with survey sites. I don't really like the get-paid-to survey opportunities because, let's face it, it always seems to take forever for a few dollars. I mean, getting paid $1.00 for a 20 minute survey is not worth it to me. So, I even surprised myself when I registered for the Panda Research site (it was recommended highly by my sister though so I had to give it a shot).

How Panda Research works:

Panda Research is much like most other survey sites. You complete surveys that appear in your queue and you get paid upon completion and verification of these entries. The funds are held in reserve in your account until you accumulate $50 and then you are paid for your work.

Workers also have the ability to sign up for paid e-mails. Panda Research will send you e-mail each day that you can click on to get some compensation from viewing.

The program is really basic and straight-forward. If you've ever participated in any other survey site then this is very similar.

What the Pay is Like:

Payment is processed once you reach $50 and will go into your designated PayPal account. Payment for each survey ranges from about $.50 through a few dollars. I've seen surveys for $6 and more dollars on the site before.
Paid e-mails range, generally, from $.03 to $.15 per viewing. Multiple e-mails are sent out daily so you do have the opportunity to actually accumulate a decent sum from just viewing the e-mails.

You can keep track of your payment breakdown on the left side of your screen while signed in to Panda Research.

Wait...What's the Catch?

The catch is something that I'm not certain of, but I'd like to take note of it right now. I have completed some surveys ($11.50 worth, apparently) but none of the surveys were verified as completed. Now, I did see that users are instructed to use Internet Explorer to complete surveys, and I chose to use Mozilla Firefox so perhaps that's the issue. Perhaps it's not though.

I saw a lot of information online that Panda Research is/was a scam. I also saw some people who said they did legitimately get paid the $50+ they were owed, but that it did take awhile. What I have noticed is that if you always click on the e-mails to "confirm this paid message" then you will definitely be approved for that amount. So far I've made more than $16 in just clicking e-mails each day. An e-mail click is literally taking me seconds since I don't have to read anything or follow-through with any other actions. I would suggest that if you sign up with Panda Research that you focus on the paid e-mails rather than the surveys to be on the safe side.

Another catch is that the paid surveys I've completed were all offer surveys where you enter in you name, address, and telephone number in exchange for a change to WIN WIN WIN. You know the type of pages I mean. I'm not sure anyone actually believes or even likes these types of forms. I can tell you that I haven't really received spammy calls or anything from filling out the surveys that I did, which is a good thing, but you may want to be wary of what you input.

A catch I've recently found is that the paid-to-click e-mails that Panda Research e-mails eventually stop allowing you to receive funds for the click. After you have clicked about $25 USD worth of e-mails these clicks are meaningless and no additional compensation is accumulated. You absolutely must fill out surveys at that point to reach the $50 cash-out minimum.

Sign-Up and Join Panda Research Today:

So, while I dislike survey sites, I've grown to be okay with Panda Research right now. The surveys are definitely not worth my time or effort, but I have concluded that the paid e-mails are worth the seconds they take to claim. I'd refer people to sign up with Panda Research as long as they kept good track of what they were doing and kept an eye on the payments "approved" section on the left side of the account. So, if you are really into get-paid-to survey sites or would like to give Panda Research a shot (hey, there are paid e-mails!) then go through the Panda Research Registration today to receive a $3.00 sign-up bonus from me.

Note: I will be updating this review as soon as I receive payment to my PayPal for $50 or more from Panda Research so please check back in the future for final verification!

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